Terms of service

Briefly UPD ToS

Do not upload anything that can be construed as porn, copyrighted material, harassment, or spam.
If you do, we will ban your account, delete all your images and prevent you from viewing any images hosted on the UPD system
You must own the content that you upload.
Do not use our systems for any commercial purpose, unless otherwise authorized in writing in adavance.
By reading the ToS you agree that your uploaded content might be available to all UPD users.


All the information you provided to UPD is strictly confidential.
We reserves the right to distribute aggregated non-personally-identifiable demographic information you have provided,
but we will never release any personal information about you without your permission.
However, UPD.co.il reserves the right to release your information if you have violated our Terms of Service,
or if the information is subpoenaed.


The following types of content is prohibited and may not be uploaded to UPD network

Content Deletion

Without commitment, UPD Hold the content at least 6 month.
UPD Reserves the right to delete any content without prior notification.